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令和最初の開催となった WEB&デジタルマーケティングEXPO出展社TOPICS から気になる記事をピックアップします。この春もEC界隈でのツールやサービスの進化はめざましく、最適な投資が利益の最大化につながることを予見させます。注目すべきは、位置情報と人工知能と動画なんですね。

We pick up interesting articles from WEB & Digital Marketing EXPO Exhibitor TOPICS, which was the first event in Reiwa. This spring, the evolution of tools and services in the e-commerce area is remarkable, and foretells that optimal investment will lead to maximization of profits. Notable are location information, artificial intelligence, and videos.

WEB&デジタルマーケティングEXPO出展社TOPICS | 日比谷花壇がYextのクラウドプラットフォームを導入 Web上に存在する複数の店舗情報を一元管理



For domestic consumers, the location information used may be as much as Google Maps or Apple Maps, but this is not a simple story for tourists visiting Japan. Can I search and register for Baidu on my own? Can you confirm that it is posted with the correct information? What is it.

It is claimed that the value offered as a tool vendor lies in “uniform information quality across platforms”, but the merit of introducing a company is that it is more useful to attract customers to stores than to updating it. Now that the store itself needs to be updated, such as cashless support, investing in that support requires a good return.
If you can pay with WeChat but have not registered for Baidu Search, the return is not enough if you do not like it.


日比谷花壇は、全国約90の小売店舗の営業時間や所在地などの情報を一元管理するツールとして、Yext(イエクスト)が提供する「Yext Knowledge Manager」を導入した。

WEB&デジタルマーケティングEXPO出展社TOPICS | AIアナリストについて株式会社WACUL(ワカル)さんに聞いてきた




Expectations for AI / artificial intelligence, a sense of the future, and a sense of versatility also depend on everyday contact details increasing, but in reality, various services and tools are also used as “ Shireto ” Most of the “analysis” required for PDCA in the EC area is reasonably done by AI. We do not care at all about the feelings and emotions of the desperately developed products, and we will only show what contributes to CV without confusion.

Because it is a mechanical analysis, it does not take into account the fact that there is no stock already. It’s a good idea that you can turn PDCA.

It’s not easy to develop AI itself, even though it’s familiar. Since the AI ​​itself learns, it evolves according to the frequency and the amount of data.Since unused AI is smart, it is an AI analyst. The list must be listed as one of the “AIs to be introduced on your EC site”.

COREKAEA GROUP :https://corekara.co.jp
AIアナリスト / 株式会社WACUL:https://wacul-ai.com

AIアナリストはECだけではなくWebサイトを分析することができるツールなため、 コンバージョンをさせることが必要なWebサイトの運営をしている方にとっては欠かせないツールだと思いました。 弊社でも実際にAI分析を行うコンサルサービスでは利用していますが、 毎月、効果的な施策の提案が出てくるので、 提案までにかかる作業工数も大幅に削減できるようになりました!

WEB&デジタルマーケティングEXPO出展社 TOPICS |新会社『visumo』がスタート 動画マーケティングをツールで支援






The importance of the content of video has been firmened by the fact that Instagram has switched from the timeless axis of “image sharing” to the function of “real time” by Stories. As a result, branding content that has been centered on images will become a “luxurious substitute” that consists of the time and skills required for “shooting and editing,” which is a video, and “sophisticated work that involves time and effort.” It’s expensive content.

For editing work to be taken within the frame of shooting storyboard, production, telop insertion, music, time, “ skill and sense ” is the quality assurance, so cost investment in brand content that is not classified as a direct sales factor is She was shunned.

Sense cannot be made more efficient, but web content can compensate for a certain level of quality with the amount of updates. It seems that the accumulation of experience value of updating is important.

Visumo is easy to stack.

Images become UGC marketing that is collected and displayed from customers, and brand content that expresses the world view shifts to video. The key content of the brand is that the number of “ trying for the time being ” will dominate the expression field, rather than the high quality after high production costs, famous staff credits, and huge editing time .

visumo :https://visumo.asia


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