不正アクセスと情報漏洩 ヤマダとコジマを襲った異なる手口とリスク | BCラボ ブランドEC研究所

不正アクセスされないサイトなど皆無といえるほど、 不正アクセスと情報漏洩 のニュースは常習化してしまい、その重大性は麻痺するほど。ECに限らず、ウェブ上に存在するあらゆるサービスサイトの会員ID/Passは、悪質極まりない犯罪者たちの手に渡っているという前提において、利用者にも啓蒙する管理姿勢が問われるのです。

The news of unauthorized access and information leakage has become so addictive that no site is protected from unauthorized access, and its significance is paralyzed. Not only e-commerce but also member ID / Pass of any service site on the web is in the hands of non-malicious criminals, and the management attitude to educate users is required.

不正アクセスと情報漏洩 コジマを襲ったリストアタック








Unauthorized access that hit “Kojima Net” operated by electronics retailer Kojima was called “list-type attack”, and was a type of logging in ID / PASS that would have been obtained on other sites to various sites.

In the same month, it was announced that approximately 460,000 personal information was accessed and browsed by similar list-type attacks at the UNIQLO and GU official online stores. It is also characterized by seamless continuity.

For this reason, even if the attributes and trends of users are completely different, the size of such users and the number of members will be the “target of next unauthorized access”. In the future, it will be necessary to urge users to change their ID / PASS in response to the discovery or announcement of unauthorized access to other companies’ sites. It is also likely that the frequency will increase.

In order to prevent this type of fraud, it is more important to urge users to take action than to strengthen security on the site side, and in terms of realistic effects and deterrence, it is effective to use “ID / PASS periodic changes”. Probably, it’s an unrealistic technique in that few users will be able to imitate such a hassle to the right.

However, in the future, accounts that have not changed their ID / PASS after a certain period of time will need to take stricter measures such as “forced suspension”.

Of course, criticism from the user side and withdrawal due to increased effort can be assumed, but for users with low usage security and low security awareness, it is risky to keep more important customers at risk.

The worst point of this list-type attack is that the card information for payment is not retained and the leaked content is limited personal information, which reduces the awareness of actual harm. However, since it continues to be leaked to personal information that has been extracted and to all directions, not only will it become an extra target of advertising, but the credit score will decrease due to registration of indifferent and irrelevant services and leaving a history of use, The user must also be aware of the point of “permanently following”.

不正アクセスと情報漏洩 今夜がヤマダ な深刻具合









Despite the same household appliances, Yamada Denki is “a completely different situation” from Kojima. What was leaked was the credit card information, including the security code, and the leaked site was not only the company’s own site “ Yamada Webcom ”, but also the “ Yamada Mall ” that accepted the opening of the store. In terms of expandability, its severity is not Kojima’s ratio.
The damage caused by unauthorized use of Creca will surely spread to its own e-commerce companies and malls where malls are opened.

Nevertheless, it seems that the site of Yamada Denki is not the one where the security consciousness was ridiculous.

It is natural to doubt that the security code has been removed and that it has been retained, but in this case it is an antagonism that the unauthorized access side is better or more serious.

Of course, no site has Creca information, so it cannot access its own information or data. Therefore, the hacking side is aiming at the stage where the user registers the Creca information.

This is a way for the user to directly steal the input of the credit card information such as “card number”, “expiration date” and “security code” required for payment. This technique has evolved from a straightforward method of skipping input pages to malicious sites to a mechanism that sends out input data on its own as a real input page.

It is unknown whether there was a problem with the payment system itself that the site introduced, but in any case, it is undoubtedly easy for users to find out, even if it is difficult for users to notice.

It seems that the detection tool exerts a certain effect for a limited time only, and if such “directly harmful” unauthorized access or leakage is successful, attacks on other sites will increase That is easily imagined. In particular, the impact on the e-commerce market cannot be said to be minor, in that the “Mall site” was attacked and succeeded. Unless you are a company that can continue to take responsibility in terms of capital investment such as security and servers, it can be said that it is extremely dangerous to open up mall-type e-commerce businesses. It is questioned whether even a company as large as Yamada Denki had the qualifications.

Although the e-commerce market is on the rise and prosperous, security costs and potential risks, in addition to logistics and distribution costs, are only increasing proportionally. It is an old story that your EC is profitable, so it may be time to ask yourself what you should run your EC for.


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