【 MA用語集 】明日から使えるMA通を振る舞う用語講座

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MAツールの導入済みの方も検討中の方もそうでない方も、これさえ押さえておけば「MA通」として振る舞い、SEO業者のようなゴリゴリ押せ押せで契約解除もままならないヤンチャで元気すぎるツールベンダーの営業に「あれ?ここの人ちょっと詳しいな誤魔化せんぞ」と一蹴させる「 MA用語集 」をお届けします。


For those who have already introduced the MA tool, those who are considering it, and those who are not, it will behave as “ MA through ” if you hold this down, and it will be a cheerful tool vendor like a SEO company that will not keep the cancellation of the contract due to the rigorous push press We send “MA Glossary” to the sales of “Are you here?”

Rather, the explanation of various terms will lead to a shortage of business negotiation time, so we will omit the guide of the important part, so let me explain first.

MA用語集 1: M.Aツール



“MA Tool”, which is also called on this site, is an abbreviation for Marketing Automation Tool.
It’s literally a dreamlike magical tool for automating marketing activities, but magic requires complex spells and poses.

After all, it’s a tool, even though it’s A.I. It is assumed that it is set manually.
Even through the digital space of the web, the other person is human.

MA用語集 2: B2B / B2C

Business to BusinessとBusiness to Consumerを、BtoB/BtoCと表記するよりなんとなく小慣れた感じを醸し出すじゃねという勝手な見解から使われ始めたB2BとB2C。



B2B and B2C have begun to be used from an arbitrary view that Business to Business and Business to Consumer will create a somewhat used feeling rather than being described as BtoB / BtoC.
Of course, the B2B customer target refers to business-to-business transactions such as corporate companies, while the B2C refers to consumers and consumers who are ordinary consumers.

In the first place, MA is also an advanced type of email marketing, and the mainstream of MA tools is for B2B because communication means in the business scene is still mainly email.
If you make the transaction amount for big B2B, it sells higher. That’s why most MA tools are “not friendly at all.”

Even if an EC site operator attends a MA tool session for studying, the reason why I don’t understand is that it is for B2B. This is the first thing to say.

MA用語集3: One to One

テレビ・新聞・雑誌などレガシーメディアへの広告をマス・マーケティングとして、その対極として「そんな前時代的なコトにお金使うよりもコッチの方が最先端でイケてますよ」というポジションワードとして成立したのが、One to Oneマーケティング。toがつなげるは「個」であり、いわゆる「パーソナル」です。



OtoO、O2Oで略してもいいのですが、Online to Offlineの「オムニチャンネル」の方が認知されているので、誤解を生まぬよう本サイトやご案内時には略しません。ワントゥワンです。

Advertisement to legacy media such as television, newspapers, magazines, etc. was mass marketing, and at the other end of the term, Kochi was more cutting-edge than spending money on such a prehistoric thing. One is One to One marketing. “to” is connected to “individual”, so-called “personal”.

Scrutinize and analyze the vast amount of information to establish “individuals” and pass them on to the most appropriate “individuals”.
In EC, which connects data individuals and human individuals, customers are collectively called “customers”, but they are treated as “customers” in MA tools.

The excellent customer service clerk at the store remembers the faces of several visitors, understands what they have bought before, the topics and preferences when serving customers, and offers new products and recommended products that match their tastes. It will be guiding you.
The MA tool is intended to show customers such high-dimensional performance customers with technology.

OtoO and O2O may be abbreviated, but since “Omni Channel” of Online to Offline is recognized, it will not be omitted at the time of this site and guide to avoid misunderstanding. One to one.
Those who say “a one-to-one relationship between you and us” are misunderstood, so let’s get through them brilliantly.

MA用語集4: CRM




There are various information such as “What is the difference between MA and CRM?” “If CRM is introduced, is there no sense in CRM?” However, if the customer management provided as standard in the MA tool is not enough, we will work with an external customer management system to increase the power.

In recent years, the original CRM function has been improved and it is sometimes said that it is a MA tool, so there is no problem even if it is regarded as “almost the same term” in the future.

By the way, it is true that there was a president who said in a morning greeting that “Our company stopped using Excel for customer management and introduced a CRM called WordPress.
It seems that you can become a blogger to improve your performance.

MA用語集5: MAビッグ4


The birth and development of marketing tools in the market is IT Yankee’s Silicon Valley in the United States or France, which taps keys while drinking espresso, and MA tools are as unusual as “foreign-owned tools”. If you look at the MA tools, you will find that the following four tool names are the top ones, and on this site, we named “MA Big 4” without permission.
Listed in Aiueo order,
Adobe Marketing Cloud
Oracle Marketing Cloud
Sail Force
And so on.




In fact, it is not a MA tool, but a “comprehensive marketing solution,” but the categorization is on the same line.

Rather than Bic 4 at the recommended degree, it is Bic 4 with the key height of the first voice such as “Takke”, but the detailed fee is another opportunity.

However, although it is written as Marketo and it is “ Market ”, it is absolutely memorable in the words like “ Market ” “ Macettle ” “ Macerto ” and “ Declaration of defeat ”, so where to say even if you make a mistake Together. Please note.

MA用語集6: インバウンド/アウトバウンドマーケティング





It’s not about hospitality for Chinese bomb buyers who appear around Ginza in various parts of Japan. In the context of web marketing, inbound refers to measures within the site or within the range transmitted from within the site, and basically e-mail uses a conductor such as LINE to take actions such as returning to the user, applying for services, purchasing, etc. Indicates that you have

The opposite is outbound, a measure that is implemented off-site, that is, on external media and platforms. This is where ads are easy to understand.

In other words, marketing activities and sales promotion measures within the scope and territory of their power are inbound, and in many cases, they can be said to be “working for themselves before spending money”.

If you don’t have the time or human resources to spend, it’s more efficient to pay for external performance, and the retail industry today has an inbound effect of “ depending on effort ” compared to the time when there was really no choice. I can’t help but feel the trend of the times due to the fact that it is easy.

MA用語集7: リードジェネレーション/リードナーチャリング





“Lead” used mainly in the B2B area refers to a prospect. There is an opinion as to whether it is a prospect or not, but basically it is a recognition that “people who have not yet signed a contract but know contact information”.
The measures to acquire such leads are referred to as “lead generation,” and measures to provide continuous contact and information provision for the leads acquired through the lead generation so that they are interested in their products and services and understand their value. Say “lead nurturing”.

Speaking of sales, the purpose of activities is to acquire contracts, but the process leading up to that is “lead nurturing”. The focus of the introduction of MA tools on B2B is that the marketing department has been conducting this sales activity entirely, but from the journalization of lead acquisition to the nurturing of continuous contact and enlightenment, a web activity called the marketing department To increase cost, time, travel and cost efficiency.

The athletic association business, which has been promoted with physical strength, guts, sincerity and enthusiasm, is becoming obsolete before the promotion of work style revolution and efficiency. In fact, the sales department focuses on closing contracts and maintaining maintenance of contracts. Even if it goes away.

The time that humans face each other becomes more valuable and important, which may be the advantage of introducing MA.

MA用語集8: カスタマージャーニー








It’s not a threat that the customer is Janie, “You shouldn’t cut prices.”

When asked, “Do you have a customer journey map created?” As a scene to be used, if you answer, “Of course it was difficult. But is it time to reconsider it?” You can get rid of those evil guys who charge a few months of consulting fees.

Unfortunately, popular and well-known brands alone have made it difficult to retain customers. There are plenty of other brands to choose from. Consumer behavior, psychology, and behavioral changes from purchase to purchase are diverse and, no matter how narrowly targeted, this behavioral transformation process is not as simple as one might think.

The Customer Journey Map is a visualization of a series of behavioral, emotional, and psychological changes from recognition of your product or service to purchase.
By visualizing all customer behaviors at a glance, you can determine which starting points, behaviors, and points of contact are significantly involved in purchasing decisions.

There is a course to create a customer journey map on a paper sheet, but there is no point in a map created solely from the service provider’s “self-assured belief” or “request for this.”
At the very least, you’ll need to create a “Possible Map” before conducting a survey or marketing survey to confirm it. Surveys are appropriate for buyers and members, and listening to actual customers is an essential part of the journey map.

The questionnaire that the PR company creates in the release story is informative, but not the voice of the customer.

There is something close to creating a persona that can not forbid Tsukkomi, “where does this guy live?”

MA用語集9: スコアリング







Leads that are easy to understand and evaluate numerically. The evaluation is the “high degree of accuracy and accuracy of the purchase / contract.”
The evaluation axis is “grading” that measures the matching with the determined position such as the position of the lead and the service provided by the company itself, and “scoring” is to measure the degree of interest from the behavior of the prospect and quantify it .

For example, there are many visits to the site, requesting materials, checking the price list of materials, etc. Confirming activities with high interest, such as scoring numbers are good, but grading evaluation is the lowest if you are a rival company employee.

In B2C, grading is based on sensitive related information such as annual income and payment amount. Therefore, basically, importance is attached to scoring such as frequency of contact with information on the site, number of purchases and repeat purchase period.

So to speak, it’s the number of customer contributions, the membership hierarchy, the distinction between services and the superiority.

How arrogant discriminating customers! There are some opinions, but it is rude and unfair to provide customers with “equivalent service” to regular customers and customers who purchase only once and customers who purchase several times a month Isn’t that so?

The MA tool is a ruthless and fair judge without feelings and guesswork, and it identifies customers.

MA用語集10: 実は基礎編でした


As long as I wrote these basic terms for a long time, I could list only typical terms as “Basic”. Next time, we will deliver “Terms that give more sense of communication and how to use them”.