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検索の支配者であるGoogle様は、そのランキング要素やアルゴリズムを明らかにすることを嫌いますが、 表示速度 が遅いモバイルサイトは「不利」になると明言されました。 表示速度 が遅く対策も放置するような怠惰なサイトは消費者にとって不利益だとおっしゃっているのです。「不利」とは「制裁」であり、事業にとっての悲劇しか想像できません。

Google, the search dominator, dislikes revealing its ranking factors and algorithms, but has stated that mobile sites with slower display speeds are “disadvantageous.” They say that lazy sites that are slow to display and take no action are disadvantageous for consumers. “Disadvantage” is “sanctions” and you can only imagine the tragedy for the business.

表示速度 の遅いサイトの悲劇 1 新たな消費者に見向きもされない


表示速度 の遅いサイトの悲劇 2 無駄に割高になる広告費




Just as Google has stated that “ sites with slow display speeds are Akan ”, the price of neglecting improvement is sanctions of “ falling quality score ”, just pushing search results “ down down ” Instead, it is a factor that raises the cost of listing advertisements and other CPC wastefully. Well, given the same bid, there is no doubt that quality sites will be given priority.

According to the report, half of spending on mobile advertising last year went to retail-related sites. In other words, the majority of listing advertisers are e-commerce related sites, and there is no doubt that your competitors are almost certainly advertising.

According to the report, half of spending on mobile advertising last year went to retail-related sites. In other words, the majority of listing advertisers are e-commerce related sites, and there is no doubt that your competitors are almost certainly advertising.

表示速度の遅いサイトの悲劇 3 時代遅れの烙印を押される




In the e-commerce business, one of the most common business sites that strives to outperform competitors or work on measures that are effective for sales at just ¥ 1 is “flexibility and aggressiveness for change.” Because we know that change is the opportunity to resolve the behind-the-scenes. The advantage of investing in new standards and technologies is its positive attitude.

By optimizing the mobile site, natural search traffic, which is the main influx of traffic, will increase by 32.1%, and will be established as a “stable lead” that is essential for new users and repeat customers. Stable traffic improves on-site engagement numbers, such as bounce rate and stay time, leading to higher CVR.

If your mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it’s up to you to believe or not to believe that 53% leave the site and a 1 second delay results in a 7% conversion loss.

表示速度の遅いサイトの悲劇 4 ブランドイメージは著しく失墜、遅延は嫌悪へ











Since the search update last July, we have browsed about 1000 EC sites of various genres. Unfortunately and ironically, fashion EC sites that have a brand image, such as branding and a world view, are too old-fashioned to be hopeless, indifferent to digital marketing, and too expensive as an image. Too slow display speed “was full of sites.

The stupid use of “flash” for the top page and main image is still available. When was the last update?

Amazingly, despite the EC with personal information registration and payment functions, the number of “non-SSL compatible sites” is astonishing.
At a store that claims to be “unsafe”, do you have a lover of credit card numbers, which is too harsh for a punishment game.

Of the 100 sites that received the site check request, just 10 sites were rated “average” for their display speed, and most of the remaining sites were judged as “slow” red letters that need urgent improvement. Despite the results, many people in charge

“I checked with my smartphone, but it’s not too late.”

It doesn’t make much sense to check on your device. If Google is slow, it is slow, and if it is determined to be slow, business benefits will be lost.

It’s a marvelous digital literacy, but you should realize that its lowness and indifference are brand destruction itself and nothing but keeps future buyers and brand fans away.

Since Google has stated that the speed of site display depends on search results, it can be said that it has become the “key factor” that separates business and business success from measuring site performance.

By the way, after the update, the judgment changed from 3G communication to 4G, and the impression that the judgment criteria became “strict”. In the competitive EC scene, this improvement in display speed seems to be difficult to get the advantage of overcoming the competition with a small amount of “rework”. It is recommended that you take a thorough review of “next-generation site standard support” and “site structure”.

Google’s intention of referring to the site display speed may be to regain mobile hegemony from native apps by the spread of next-generation site standards such as AMP and PWA.

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