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第3者出品も含めて、あらゆる商品の購入には、1%のポイントを付与することを「強制的」に決定した アマゾンジャパン 。ポイント負担は「出品者側」となり、自動的な同意が求められます。独禁法抵触、プラットフォームの傲慢さなどが指摘されますが、昨今の「ローカライズ強化」への活発な動きは、仮想敵・楽天市場との競争だけではない思惑があると陰謀説を展開してみます。

Amazon Japan has decided to “compulsively” award 1% points for all product purchases, including third-party listings. Points will be paid on the “seller side” and automatic consent is required. It is pointed out that antitrust violations and arrogance of the platform are pointed out, but I will develop a conspiracy theory that the recent active movement to “ enhance localization ” is not only competition with virtual enemies / Rakuten market .で、全商品に5月23日から、1%のAmazonポイントが付与される。Amazon直販商品、出品者からの商品すべてが対象という。の出品者向けポータル「セラーセントラル」で2月20日に発表されたもの。出品商品のポイント費用は出品者の負担になるとあり、出品者の間で衝撃が走っている。

情報源: ネットショッピングの支出額は前年同月比22.2%増の11,688円 | EC業界ニュース・まとめ・コラム「eコマースコンバージョンラボ」

アマゾンジャパン 日本独自のポイント施策に本格参戦する意味









The wave of “ cashless ” that suddenly attracted attention from last year’s PayPay 10 billion campaign is not a promotion by private companies, but rather a national policy, and it is also possible to promote low-tech QR code payments It seems that the purpose is to match the payment environment of foreign visitors to Japan, especially “Chinese”.

The timing of the consumption tax hike and the spread of cashlessness to the bottom civilian are also thought to be based on providing points to “ Ame ” to reduce the tax increase burden on daily shopping If you follow the path, you will find that there are fewer cash payment destinations in the not-too-distant destination, and that “multiple payment brands” have been established and spread for the purpose of rewarding points.

The adoption of low-tech QR code payment, which seems to be “ backlit to the times, ” is now being adopted by each company to help promote national policies and to be selected as a “ public wallet ” that will be used continuously thereafter. , It is just an entry act.

Of course, Amazon has also implemented QR code payment support in their apps, raising their hands as a brand that can pay not only in EC but also in real life. Here, the decision-making elements in the United States are extremely thin, which means that the policy and vision of the Japanese corporation has been adopted.

For Amazon Japan, the role of “the wallet of the people” must be recognized and established as a mechanism for providing points as a means to be chosen as a means of payment in both EC and real life.

By the way, if you choose to pay by DOCOMO mobile phone when shopping at Amazon, points will be awarded at both DOCOMO and Amazon, and 2% of the tax increase can be used up. * There is a possibility of setting a rate in the future.

Ame: QR code functions and points that are indispensable for “cashless” national policy promotion. Although it is aimed at Chinese visitors to Japan, Japanese companies will be preferentially treated without explicitly trying to promote “ WeChatPay ”, but foreign “ extraordinary people ” like Amazon Japan will work with domestic companies So, we need to secure a favorable position and eliminate any obstacles to expanding hegemony.

With an Amazon Prime membership fee of about 1/3 of the home country, you can choose without worrying about changing the payment amount with shipping fee, points for Japanese consumers who can enjoy the unlimited service of movies, dramas, animations and music. The meaning of granting up to it seems to be scarce from the home country perspective, but there is a merit in Amazon that you should acquire Japanese consumers even if you give candy.
The intention of enhanced localization may be more important here.












Although it is not a customer service that should be emphasized such as a member point program for Amazon in the home country, it is a relatively passive measure that Japan has to deal with, as well as national policies. Anyway, the point value in the overseas EC scene is effective only about 11% of the users. Nevertheless, the reason for accepting localization for Japan, that is, “Nippon’s common sense”, is considered to be to involve Japanese consumers, the world’s third largest e-commerce market, in overseas e-commerce markets.

Naturally, the huge markets that drive the world’s e-commerce market are the United States and mainland China, where Amazon acquired half of its users. Although Japan ranks third in the world, the difference is “an absolutely unfilled difference.”

Despite almost dominating the United States, the world’s No. 1 market, the second-largest Chinese market has only 1% of the market, with nothing to do before the Alibaba dynasty.

Even if the Lehman shock-class recession suddenly arrives in the United States of America, it does not have a devastating effect on Amazon itself, but it is necessary to wait for the recovery of the exhibiting company that is the source of profit. This is to prevent Amazon’s growth factors.

As an “insurance insurance case,” China, which can not handle well, is purchased from wallets of Japanese people who are “ leaving out ”, developed countries, and have “ under consumption ” with financial functions and social infrastructure. Is the most efficient and quickest.

In fact, 75% of U.S. e-commerce users are experienced in overseas e-commerce, but Japan’s sole is about 10%. In the Japanese e-commerce market, even though it is shared with Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo! Shopping, the current situation is that half of e-commerce users are in the hands, and as a way to secure users, the option of playing a game in the other party’s specialty area is It is likely that it will contribute to home profits as the market share increases.

It is also a good idea if a Chinese visit to Japan uses it.

The possibility of being selected as a payment brand in both real and e-commerce is not something that many operators have.
From an EC point of view, the candidates are AmazonPay, Rakuten Pay, LINEPay, and PayPay, a practical Yahoo! ID. Other payment brands and businesses, such as carrier billing, will be partner brands within these brand umbrellas.

The bottom line is that even if you escape from Amazon-enforced points, no matter what your brand image is, as long as your choices include “preferred points available,” the option of leaving major malls is not. It is impossible.

It is assumed that AmazonPay installed on its own EC site will also be required to give points, and Amazon Japan’s position as a platform player will be strengthened, but at that point, even if you can bear it, the sales you get will not be negligible Let’s go.


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